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Enjoy purity in every water drop of LG PuriCare RO UV Water Purifier. This black water purifier can be wall-mounted and placed in any suitable corner of your kitchen and blends in completely with the decor.  It works on multiple filtration process. RO Filtration that removes every kind of bacteria, fungus and heavy metals along with particles as minute as 0.0001 mm. The dual protection stainless steel tank preserves the stored water for a longer duration. LG PuriCare RO UV Water Purifier‘s stainless steel tank comes with a capacity of 8 litres which is perfect for your family. Along with RO filtration, you get UV Fresh Plus sterilization in LG PuriCare RO UV Water Purifier. Further, with mineral booster feature you get 100% mineral-rich water that gives your family both a healthy and tasty glass of water every day.


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