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Washing machines are one of the best innovation of technology which has successfully and conveniently lifted the pressure off from homemakers because washing clothes manually is a hideous job. The LG T80SJFS1Z.AFSQEIL Washing Machine brings all the exciting features to solve your problems. The washing machine comes with effective usage and adequate tech support which makes it a perfect option for the modern day use and gives a perfect solution for daily use ensuring all your garments are washed according to your needs. It comes with Smart Inverter Technology that enhances your washing experience to a next level.


The LG T80SJFS1Z.AFSQEIL Washing Machine combines utility with convenience efficiently. The machine operates with Pre-wash+Normal/ Tub Clean/ Aqua Reserve/ Turbo wash Programs and also comes with Auto Balance System. It has a Digital Display. It comes with the following wash programs namely Normal, Eco Wash, Delicate, Tub Clean. It washes with Jet Spray+ technology which removes the detergent stains completely during rinse. During rinse when the tub spins quickly, water is sprayed forcefully on the clothes from top through nozzle. As a result , water penetrates in to the clothes removing all the detergent stains giving a perfect wash with efficient use of water. The wash Pulsator and tub spin in opposite directions, generating strong water currents to circulate the laundry left and right for a gentle yet potent scrubbing effect. Equipped with Punch+3 Pulsator. The Inner Tub is made of Stainless Steel.

Perfectly Equipped for Easy Use

With a total capacity of 8 kg the LG T80SJFS1Z.AFSQEIL Washing Machine washes delicate clothes with care. It comes with child lock feature as well. It is equipped with Soft Closing & Wide Diamond Glass Door.


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