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LG T2077NEDL1 Top load fully automatic washing machine is packed with great wash features having weight of 40 Kg and has a capacity of 10 Kg. The LG washer ensures thorough cleaning of clothes. It uses Punch + 3 Pulsator washing method for cleansing of clothes. It allows you to wash your clothes quickly. It dries your clothes quickly. It cleanes your clothes thoroghly, by removing tough stains. The washing machine has a maximum RPM of 1000 which leads to

a lower drying time. The washing machine stainless steel drum is specially designed for lesser abrasion of laundry, and the holes on the upper part of the drum drain helps in getting rid of lint and residue. The washing machine has a digital display which keep you updated about with the wash cycle time and various washing stages. The Water level selector helps ensures adequate water for washing different laundry loads. The washing machine has fuzzy logic which increases its performance. Fuzzy logic checks for the degree of dirt on the clothes, and the amount of soap and water needed for proper cleaning. The LG Top load fully automatic washing machine consumes 400 Watts of power. LG T2077NEDL1 Top load fully automatic washing machine gives cleaner and fresher clothes.



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