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Get all your clothes cleaned to the core by the fantastic LG FHT1065SNL Washing Machine that provides to you the comfort of bulk cleaning along with the efficiency of energy saving that would save on your current bill each month while performing brilliantly without fail. The cutting-edge technology of the LG FHT1065SNL Washing Machine gives you super tough cleaning action with the gentleness that takes care of your fabric maintaining its look. The sleek design of the LG FHT1065SNL Washing Machine makes it perfect for your household imparting sophistication and performance and occupying minimum space.

Multiple Washing Modes

The LG FHT1065SNL Washing Machine has a 6 Motion DD technology that provides optimized motion combinations for each fabric type, delivering a powerful washing performance. The Quick 30 Program makes laundry effortless. You can wash your clothes effortlessly and efficiently with this LG washing machine that takes care of the stains and dirt on your clothes.

Durable Design                                          

The LG FHT1065SNL Washing Machine has a sleek and intricately designed body that is made of durable material. The Inverter Direct Drive Motor that powers the washing machine is really dependable and quiet. It is one of the best washing machine motors in the market, and it provides fantastic washing efficiency. The washing machine has a washing capacity of 6.5 Kgs. The Smart Diagnosis quickly troubleshoots almost any minor issue before it becomes a bigger problem.



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