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The LG GLT432FASN Refrigerator comes with features sure to impress you. Engineered to perfection the LG GLT432FASN Refrigerator is designed to preserve food longer and maintain and prolong its freshness. Highly efficient with the cooling to power consumption ratio the LG GLT432FASN Refrigerator ensures the prolonging of the shelf life of packaged food as well as fresh food. It has spacious interiors that allow you to store Tupperware, fruits, vegetables, bottles, and meat in a convenient way. The LG GLT432FASN Refrigerator comes in many attractive color combinations make it a handy equipment that suits the kitchen. Bring home this refrigerator and feel the supreme efficiency paired with stunning looks and supreme reliability.

Amazing Cooling Technology

The LG GLT432FASN Refrigerator ensures efficient and effective cooling which allows you to keep a stock all your food and beverages for long periods of time without it losing its appearance and texture. The Insulated Capillary Technology of the LG GLT432FASN Refrigerator ensures that cooling stays locked inside retaining it for up to 12 hours so that your food and beverage is safe even during power cuts. The fridge comes with Laminar Air Flow feature wherein special cooling vents to ensure uniform cooling all through the refrigerator. The magic chiller and laminar air flow ensure that delicate items will retain its freshness and purity.

Large Cooling Capacity

The LG GLT432FASN Refrigerator can store various edible items as well as liquids like juice, water, soda, wine and even delicate items like fresh vegetable juices and prevent them from turning rancid and sour. The Large 437Litre volume capacity of the LG GLT432FASN Refrigerator helps keep large amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits, and other fluid items for later use.


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